28. April 2020
At the moment we are preparing for our album recording weeks in May at "Hicktown Records" near Rosenheim. But we are not preparing together at our rehearsal room where we normally are - the four of us are at home alone, because of the corona virus. This is not an easy situation right now - it would be better to prepare together as a band. But the most important thing is, that we can be in the recording studio together in May. We are waiting for the feedback of the studio. Stay tuned!
02. Februar 2020
What a week and what a next step for us! Everyone of us thought of the songs he wants to hear on our first album. On a rehearsal night a few days ago we sit together and talked about our top ten songs for the album. And after two our of debating we had our final list: 1 Autumn Riot 2 In front of me 3 Maxime 4 For so long 5 Same old Song 6 Everything happens for a reason 7 Shine a light 8 Home 9 You are 10 Change